Thursday, April 7, 2016

Champlain Valley Robot Expo

CVTM Robotics teams hosted the first Champlain Valley Robot Expo at Champlain Centre on April 3rd. FTC teams 6966 and 8527 brought their robots, and invited FTC teams 8397 and 8526 to do the same. The four teams were able to show mall patrons how the FTC program works with all four robots on the field at the same time, just like at competition.

FLL team members from teams 2211, 2212, and 2213 were also on hand to talk about the FIRST Lego League program and the robots the teams built for last season’s Trash Trek challenge.

Justin Collins, from MakerSupplyZone and SUNY Plattsburgh’s Physics Club, was in attendance with 3D printers, making plastic robots for attendees.

There were robots to drive and robot crafts for kids. The teams were able to talk to reporters from the Press Republican and WPTZ News.

We hope to see you at some of our other upcoming events. 


  1. Brace yourselves - the traditional educational institution would soon be something of the past!

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