Friday, January 6, 2017

Summer Fun

For two weeks this summer the robotics center was full of activity. Our FTC team members helped run the Summer Robotics Program, offering week long robotics activities.

The participants in Radical Robotics built and programmed robots using Lego Mindstorm NXTs and EV3s. They needed to program their robots to autonomously complete missions. At the end of the week they all got to show off their work to friends and family.
Learning the Basics

Working on the Missions

Learning to Program

Showing Friends and Family Their Results

The participants in the Advanced Robotics program built VEX robots to complete a challenge. They had to learn how to build and wire their robots.

During Science Week, participants designed, built, and tested popsicle stick bridges, built water bottle rockets, and made foosball games by customizing their own 3D printed foosball men.
Watching the 3D Printer at Work

Bridge Building

A Foosball Game with Custom 3D Printed Foosball Men

Lego Play participants had a blast building Lego models based on different themes throughout the week. It's lots of fun making new friends and playing with a large assortment of Lego bricks.
Creative Minds at Work

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