Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2016-2017 Vermont Championship

February 11, 2017
 Our final competition for the season was the Vermont Championship. After a slippery drive over, we got busy hauling all the gear in and setting up the pit areas.

Then it was off to robot inspection and judging. Fortunately for BondBots, judging went a whole lot better than at the Hudson Valley Championship. Off to a good start.
The teams got to see quite a few familiar faces at this tournament. Red Hook Robo Raiders, Robovines, and Team Beta were familiar teams from previous competitions.

Soon it was time for qualifying matches and the day moved quickly.

Neither team were selected as alliance partners for semi-finals, but we still had a great time competing.
 Some goofing around waiting for Closing Ceremonies.
BondBots won the PTC Design Award. This is the first time one of our teams has won an award at a Championship event. So proud of this team and happy to have met another program milestone!